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Getting Started

ShP Charity is an excellent way to raise fund for charity. Whether you’re a charity or individual looking to get involved, ShP for Charity can help.


Getting supporters of a charity to donate mobile phones and raise money for your charity has never been easier. It’s a simple yet effective system to generate more funds whilst being environmentally friendly.

Getting started couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is complete the writable PDF file below named ‘charity set up document’ and we will do the rest!! It is important you complete the form fully so we have the necessary details to maximise return for your charity without delay.

So what are the benefits for your charity?

·         ShP for charity is the first on line, bagless mobile phone recycling charity service in the U.K.

·         A minimum of 20% of the phone value is automatically donated to your charity but this can be extended to 100% of the value.

·         Quick and simplistic set up – 1 week turn around

·         All design and marketing is managed and covered by ShP for Charity

·         Your charity will have presence on the ShP for Charity home page

·         Your charity will be included in all marketing carried out by ShP Charity to include advertising and press coverage

·         Dedicated FREEPOST address

·         Environmentally friendly service that doesn’t require plastic or paper bags to collect phones

·         Quick and easy with financial rewards for your supporters

·         Potential for your charity to make £££’s

Helping you get started

Below are all the documents that you will need to get your charity working with shpforcharity.co.uk.
To read the PDF documents, will need to have adobe reader 8.0 installed on your computer, you can download and install it from here
Download the getting started document to give you a brief look at how the process works from inception to completion, all the way to you receiving your payment.
Getting Started Document PDF Version

Setting up your Charity

After reviewing the getting started PDF, download the charity setup document and save it to your desktop. Open the PDF and then make your changes to it, filling in the fields where necessary. Within the PDF you can fill in all your charity details that shpforcharity.co.uk need to add you as a partner charity to the website.
Please read each section carefully so that you do not miss out on vital information that we need. Once you have finished your changes, please save the document and then email this back to Simon Gregory (simon.gregory@shpforcharity.co.uk)

If you have any problems with the PDF document, a word document version is available below.

Charity Setup Document PDF Version Word 2003 Version
If you still have any questions that haven't been answered by now, then take a look at our FAQ document. This explains everything that we do with the most common questions asked.
Frequently Asked Questions
PDF Version


Below are three different posters that you can use in order to market your charity and gain greater exposure to raise money. We have provided you with a high quality image to download and print out on your own computer, a low resolution version so you can e-mail out to friends, add to websites, etc. and finally a print ready version (highest resolution) that can be used at a professional printers if you wish to get them professionally printed as glossy posters.


At the foot of each poster is a blank box where you can add your charity page shortcode, thus targeting your supports to directly visit your dedicated charity page.


Poster 3 is slightly different in that the top 1/3rd of the poster has been left intentionally blank so that if you choose, you can add your own text and logo before printing it.

e-mail, screen etc
e-mail, screen etc
e-mail, screen etc
Home printing, shop windows etc
Home printing, shop windows etc
Home printing, shop windows etc
Professional Printers, CMYK
Professional Printers, CMYK
Professional Printers, CMYK
If you have any other questions at any point please contact our dedicated account manager here